People who have gone through the CIQ method are changing how their organizations perform in three areas:

High-performance sales teams reach their quotas faster with CIQ

Better relate to your customers, peers and vendors by learning how to be more nimble, flexible, and adaptable in your communication style.

Align teams and accelerate your impact

Develop relevant skills that help leaders at all levels inspire others, overcome teams challenges and manage stakeholder relationships.

Learn what CIQ solutions can do for your business

Most teams don’t think they have a communication problem until they recognize that their beliefs, attitudes and values establish how they act. CIQ teaches you how to flex between your 7 Life Languages to build a healthy company culture, in any type of organization:

Watch how CIQ's personalized communication assessment can change your organization

Gerald Parsons, CEO, Life Languages

At work, we all want to be seen, heard and understood. Communication IQ solves the problem of miscommunication and misunderstanding by improving communication skills and helping organizations build trust and relationship equity.

Everybody says the key to sales success, stronger teams and effective leadership
is better communication.

We disagree, because you already know over 250,000 words – what you need is the CIQ method to understand each person’s communication preference.