Organizational Impact

Communication IQ™ methodology helps organizations improve their Communication IQ™ with a proven set of workshops and trainings. Communication IQ™ is a person’s ability to identify and understand one’s own Life Languages™ as well as the Life Languages™ of others. There is a self-awareness, social awareness, and adaptability component to each person’s Communication IQ™.

Miscommunication is the number one barrier to productivity in companies today. Our Communication IQ™ assessment bridges the skills gap between the intelligence quotient, personality and work styles and communication styles. CIQ™ was designed specifically to address the underlying elements of how people communicate and relate to one another.

Point of Need Offerings

  • Leadership & High Potential Development
  • First Line Leader Communication Training
  • Sales Team Enablement
  • Team Dynamics and Agility
  • Diversity, Engagement and Inclusion

We offer several ways to quickly deploy Communication IQ™ in your organization.  From the shop floor to the board room we can deliver a custom program for your organization’s needs.

Each of these solutions can be customized for different size organizations or delivered as a pilot with one team.

The training can be configured to be delivered in several short sessions, or ½ to 2-day sessions that provide major impact without requiring a large investment of time or a disruption to the normal workday.

How We Implement


Understand your seven languages, how it informs the way you communicate with others, and how you process incoming and outgoing information. Become skilled at using the CIQ™ methodology within your team or organization for lasting growth.


Our certified consultants can hold ½ day or full day workshops with your team or organization. They will walk each person through their individual profile and show ways that you can use what you learn to make an impact on your organization.


Get one-on-one coaching or group coaching with our certified consultants who are committed to helping your team or company move quickly on the path to effective communication by raising Communication IQ™.

What we bring to your organization

Our consultants bring surveys, adult learning activities, job aids and a detailed book to foster positive behavior change that lasts.  CIQ™ Consultants can also provide guided one-on-one and group coaching to further enhance the application of the Communication IQ™ concepts.

Communication IQ™ Book • Custom Reports • Experiential Learning Activities • Workbooks • Reference Guides • Benchmark and Progress Surveys

Who We Impact

CORPORATE LEADERS will be armed with a framework to inspire a culture that works — a culture that is built on accepting diversity, enabling inclusiveness, encouraging openness, embracing transparency, thriving on productivity, and more.

TEAM MEMBERS will learn to hear beyond listening and to understand each other in ways that promotes collaboration, respect and trust leading them to perform at a high level.

SALES TEAMS will boost relationships with existing customers and provide confidence knowing they are well positioned to inspire a prospect to become a loyal customer.

MANAGERS & SUPERVISORS will strengthen their abilities to advance productive interactions and crucial conversations with team members to promote everyday high performance and career development.

TALENT MANAGEMENT will have a solid communication competency measure to integrate across the organization for greater success in onboarding. Training and development will be enriched. Plus, employee and leader coaching as well as succession planning will have greater success.

TALENT ACQUISITION PROFESSIONALS will gain a tool that provides insight into the communication profile of each candidate and inform and guide hiring managers throughout the interview process.

When you talk to someone in a language he understands, it goes to his head. But if you talk to someone in his own language, it goes to his heart.

~ Nelson Mandela