Jumpstart new manager training
with the CIQ method

The best way to accelerate a new manager’s effectiveness is to help them navigate change,
build healthy relationships and create a solid foundation of trust.
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Learn the make-or-break skills needed
no matter the industry or workplace environment

Accelerate new manager training

Immediately leverage your new knowledge to flex between your 7 communication styles and drive performance.

Relate to direct reports, peers and C-suite

Build relationship equity with the people that matter the most. Honesty, transparency and open communication mean stronger relationships in the workplace.

Bridge the diversity gap

Learn to appreciate the range of human differences by discovering the needs and wants of people with different values systems, origins and beliefs.

Level up new manager development to drive performance

1. Schedule a call

To get started, book a free call with one of our consultants to identify your needs and development objectives.

2. Take the assessment

Each team member will take the Life Languages profile online and receive their results in digital format.

3. Book your CIQ workshop

Together with your leadership team, we will customize a CIQ workshop to fit your team size and organizational goals.


Queens University of Charlotte discovered

of employers view collaboration and teamwork as important aspects of a successful business.

Our organizations have used the 7 Life Languages in business for hiring, promoting, motivating, team-building, and conflict resolution.

Our supervisors were trained on how to use them in sales, marketing, and overall communication interdepartmentally.

CIQ makes our work relationships easier, our employees happier, and our businesses more successful.


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