Effective communication
is critical for the success
and growth of every organization

CIQ’s custom-built programs have helped thousands of organizations drive business performance
by developing high-performance teams with the skills to influence, motivate, and persuade through
effective communication.


Find answers to your most frequently asked questions about CIQ on our FAQ page.

How accurate are the CIQ profiles?

Since 1985, our profiles have been developed and reviewed by psychologists and leading communication experts in the field today. With a reported accuracy of over 95%, we are confident our profiles will both inform and enrich your personal and professional life.

What results can we expect from the CIQ method and workshops?

You can expect a more effective and productive communication up, down and across every contributor at every level in your organization. This fosters conflict resolution, higher employee engagement, deeper inclusion, and relationship equity in and across teams.

Can I keep profile results confidential from my employee (or employees)?

Yes, unless your company requires it as a condition for employment. We encourage everyone to share their results to build more effective communication and understanding.

Can we use the CIQ profile results for hiring purposes?

No. We recommend the CIQ profile to be a part of the battery for understanding how a candidate will fit into the communication culture of your organization.

How is CIQ different from other assessment profiles like DISC, Strengths Finders and Myers Briggs?

While the CIQ method is backed by science, it is relationally focused.  The CIQ profile is not just descriptive but also prescriptive. Our method includes the assessment, in-person workshops and later 1-on -1 as and group coaching. Ongoing support and training for new hires are frequently part of our service agreements.

Despite recognition that the effective development of skills within an organization is key to its growth, most communication trainings fail to yield results. They often trade in tired clichés, vaguely urging the practice of “active listening” or boxing people into narrow, fixed personality types. This limited mindset provides little support for meaningful growth. Communication IQ’s research, on the other hand, suggests that all people speak, with varying degrees of fluency, 7 Life Languages.

Can we use this with vendors, contractors and clients?

Yes! The natural progression in our methodology is to create a foundational communication culture within your organization and then use it outside for much greater success in B2C relationships.

Can we try a free demo of the CIQ profile?

Not only can you experience the profile for free, we will include a one hour virtual workshop for you and your team of 5.

How do we get started with CIQ for our organization?

To get started, schedule a call with one of our certified consultants. We will begin with an information gathering call with the person responsible for your team. We will then discuss how our offerings -Assessments, Communication Culture workshop, individual coaching, team coaching, Specific point of need workshops and follow up coaching - best fit into your business goals and budget.

Why should we consider the CIQ method?

Many companies don't realize what miscommunication is costing them, until they speak with one of our certified consultants. 

Do you think poor communication makes a significant difference in employee productivity?  Do you think great communication does? Is measurable communication one of your KPI’s?  If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, our system will work for your organization.

What does it cost?

Investing in your people will yield the highest ROI, but you already know this.

Our solutions are customized for the need, because we don't believe one size fits all.  Our first priority is to deliver amazing value and retain a very high customer satisfaction in every engagement. Once we fully understand the need, your budget and scope of work, your CIQ consultant will discuss your investment and timelines.

What size companies have you worked with?

Most of our clients have an employee base of 50-2000, however we have outliers from 12-12,000.

Do you have any studies we can review?

We are currently updating our technical manual and will be available by Q1 2022.

How do you measure results?

Typically our clients write to us after a workshop or coaching session to share their feedback, insights and valuable lessons learned. 

In a recent testimonial, a Texas company with over 300 employees was able to cut replacement by 30% and save 120 jobs. In the end, they saved $4.8 Million.

Effective communication is vital to an organization’s profit margin, reputation, and stability. It drives business performance by building aligned, productive and efficient teams to help you achieve and set your company apart. Effective communication benefits businesses in numerous ways: