The power of leadership effectiveness
at your fingertips

CIQ integrates the 7 Life Languages into your leadership and employee development training.

Gain today's essential
leadership skills

Traditional Leader training isn't working

Immediately leverage your new knowledge to implement and connect with your direct reports at a whole new level.

Get immediate results

Establish relationship cohesion with the people that matter the most. Honesty, transparency and open communication mean stronger relationships with peers and C-suite.

Create lasting change

Incorporating one on one coaching in your people development process will provide valuable understanding that connects individual relationship equity to organizational goals — measured as ROII.

Invest in your people's growth to transform your bottom line

1. Schedule a call

To get started, book a free call with one of our consultants to identify your team’s needs and objectives.

2. Take the assessment

Each team member will take the Life Languages profile online and receive their results in digital format.

3. Book your CIQ workshop

Together with your leadership team, we will customize a CIQ workshop to fit your team size and organizational goals.

We are beginning to grasp the increasing implications of a staff who understand more about communicating with fellow employees who are operating from completely different motivations. It has increased our awareness of each other and our individual ways of dealing with the situations we face as we work together.

Everybody says the key to sales success, stronger teams and effective leadership
is better communication.

We disagree, because you already know over 250,000 words – what you need is the CIQ method to understand each person’s communication preference.