Get the secret sauce
to building better
sales relationships

Better relate to your customers, peers and vendors by learning how to be more nimble, flexible, and adaptable in your communication style.

Build the skills to make every buyer interaction count

Accelerate sales enablement

Immediately leverage your new knowledge to drive your sales strategy and connect with prospects at a whole new level.

Deliver outstanding customer experiences

Establish relationship equity with the people that matter the most. Honesty, transparency and open communication mean stronger relationships in the with prospects and existing customers alike.

Make it about them

Learn to appreciate the range of human differences by discovering the needs and wants of prospects who have different values systems, origins and beliefs.

High-performance sales teams reach their quotas faster with CIQ

1. Schedule a call

To get started, book a free call with one of our consultants to identify your team’s needs and objectives.

2. Take the assessment

Each team member will take the Life Languages profile online and receive their results in digital format.

3. Book your CIQ workshop

Together with your sales team, we will customize a CIQ workshop to fit your team size and goals.

During a CIQ workshop, a sales rep with 5 years on the job, shared that she was so frustrated with her ranking on the team (423rd of 519th). After completing the training program, "she applied what she learned" in the field, and from one performance review to another (90-days) she accelerated to 19th.

Everybody says the key to sales success, stronger teams and effective leadership
is better communication.

We disagree, because you already know over 250,000 words – what you need is the CIQ method to understand each person’s communication preference.