Do your best work as a certified CIQ Consultant.

Becoming CIQ Consultant is an exciting opportunity, as you are building the consulting career, impact and lifestyle you've always wanted. While the CIQ method is backed by science, our approach is relationally focused.

Certified CIQ consultants guide people to identify, understand and flex between their 7 Life Languages at work, so they feel empowered to pursue their full potential.

Meet Diana, one of our certified CIQ consultants

Through her 1 -on-1 coaching and workplace trainings, she has helped hundreds of people better understand their communication style so they can finally feel understood and thrive at work.

Diana founded her company “Integrated Purpose Management (IPM)” to teach people how to unlock their integrated purpose. In her coaching, she dives deep into her over 30 years of experience managing people and businesses, especially in the health care industry.

Diana has helped teams with:
Carolyn Santos, Master Trainer and Certified CIQ Consultant

Unlike conventional personality tests, CIQ is not only descriptive, but also prescriptive, focusing on each person’s potential for growth. It gives specific, actionable answers to the fundamental question: “How do I form more positive relationships with others?”

Impact businesses, governments and universities as a CIQ consultant

CIQ consultants use the simple and proven CIQ method to coach today’s workplace leaders, driving productivity, company culture and impacting the bottom line.

Create the business, impact and lifestyle you've always wanted

Join our network of CIQ consultants to impact organizations around the globe, while building your own business.

Belong to a community of like minded leaders on the same journey.

Stay connected and support each other in our private slack channel, join virtual meetings hosted by our Executive and Business Development teams.

Take the first step to becoming a CIQ certified consultant

1. Talk to us

To get started, schedule a call with our CIQ Leaders, to see if you have what it takes to become a CIQ consultant.

2. Apply

Submit your application and get all your questions answered.

3. Get certified

You will learn about the CIQ method from our master trainers and together with our team, begin to build your consulting practice.

Becoming a certified CIQ consultant is an exciting opportunity, but it's also a big decision. And just like any smart leader, you probably have more questions before deciding what's right for you.

Do I have enough experience to become a Certified CIQ consultant?

Typically, most of our consultants have some prior experience working with clients, though not having coaching or consulting experience is not a deal breaker. Our master trainers will make sure you are fully equipped in the CIQ method and have all the resources needed to lead successfully.

What Value does the Communication IQ certification and license have to me?

You decide:

What’s the value of a more productive and effective relationship, leadership?

What’s the value of an elegant solution to conflict?

What’s the value of creating a culture of character driven communication?

What’s the value of coaching an individual, team or organization into a huge ROII?  What’s the value of seeing an entire company improve across every business unit?

We have seen these results using the CIQ method and from the contributors who have experienced it…..priceless!

Leverage the CIQ method, science and framework to start your business, without having to invest years and large up-front startup costs.

Can I maintain my other coaching credentials?

Yes, you are not required to become an exclusive CIQ certified consultant, though many choose to.

The CIQ method can compliment your other coaching credentials, delivering even more value to your clients.

Do you provide ongoing training?

Yes, certified coaches meet once a month virtually in addition to quarterly and yearly training with our team of Master Coaches.

What is the process to become a CIQ consultant?

It begins with a brief call with our Business Development team. You can schedule that here. Next you will complete our application and take our CIQ professional assessment. Then you will meet with our Business Development Director to discuss next steps. 

What can I expect from the CIQ team once I'm certified and licensed?

Every consultant receives access to a robust digital office platform that includes transactions, reports, customizable assessment links and codes, a library of the CIQ methodology materials, and technical support. 

CIQ consultants stay connected via monthly team meetings and a private channel on slack.


As a CIQ consultant, you'll have the added advantage of our dedicated Business Development team. Their sole focus is to create leads and clients for CIQ, in addition to client acquisition strategies and a strong path to client commitment.

What is your compensation package?

We have structured the reward system to be best in class, generous and sustainable. The details will be discussed during the application process.