We’re a team of movers, shapers and influencers whose obsession for communication brought us together.

CIQ began with the belief that everyone can develop their communication skills at work. Since then we have evolved our mission to empower people to better understand their own communication preferences and recognize that of others. We believe that this is how you develop successful workplace and interpersonal communication.

Our values are the foundation of everything we do at CIQ

Make a difference

We aspire to make people feel heard and understood. We believe that the ability to listen to others is vital to everything we do.

Be flexible

We strive to be more nimble, flexible, and adaptable in our communication styles.

Improve continuously

We are always learning and growing to become a better listeners, leaders and team players.

Founder's Story

Fred and Anna Kendall are internationally known as the leading authority on communication and relationships.

Together, they have dedicated the last 30 years to breaching barriers of communication through the development of the 7 Life Languages™.

They have offered their expert advice as hosts and interview guests on more than eight hundred television and radio programs, including Dr. Phil and Good Morning America.

Their interest in helping people understand themselves and others was the catalyst for creating, developing, and perfecting the 7 Life Languages which power Communication IQ.

To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others.

Gain insights from our latest book ‘Ties and T-shirts’

by Gerald Parsons

The harsh reality of today’s workforce is that it is too diverse to have a “one size fits all” style of management. However, the good news is that it can be understood by categorizing the different types of employees and knowing their working styles, personalities, temperaments, and other human elements that make them unique.

Very often, we see that millennials keep the end in mind, but are open to the way in which they go about achieving the goal. As highly mission-driven individuals, they believe that even if a strategy is charted it may not be the most sustainable way to run a business in real-time.

The success of any company lies on the foundation of effective and honest communication. This type of communication leads to teamwork which can only be achieved when all employees are aligned to the same goals and understand a collaborative effort is always the answer. This high degree of alignment is only attained through great communication across multiple generations in the workplace.

It is very important to understand what the bottlenecks or barriers to effective communication are. In order to solve any problem, we must acknowledge there is a problem and understand its root cause.

There are several different kinds of barriers that lead to a
communication gap in an organization. Let’s start with the most obvious one – the generation barrier. People’s experiences frame the way they perceive and communicate. Older generations of employees may have a tendency to disregard feedback from younger generations simply because they feel their experience
has contributed to their decision.

Meet our leadership team

Gerald Parsons

Chief Executive Officer


Dr. Ginny Gray

VP of I/O Psychology


Shawn Atkinson

VP of Diversity and Minority Contracting


Gerald’s work around communications is world-class. It has been my experience that far too many leadership teams will never reach their full potential because they are either unwilling to foster, as Gerald says, the three C’s – Connection, Communication and Collaboration. Beyond being willing, leaders have to know how. Gerald’s work is all about helping individuals and team communicate intentionally and effectively, while recognizing and appreciating different styles and preferences.

I want to personally say how pleased we are with the 7 Life Languages communication profile and training presented to the uniformed and non-uniformed employees. For entirely too long, communication problems or hindrances have taken a toll in law enforcement, business, individuals, families, and interactive situations.

The 7 Life Languages program is the most positive step anyone can take to improve on this age-old problem of communication. Life Languages promotes an atmosphere conducive to wanting to learn how to communicate more effectively. Since we need to communicate with others on a daily basis, I cannot recommend a better program aimed at the personal success of self, others, and the organization.

Healthy relationships are key to every business and family. My husband, Marcus, and I decided to implement the concept of the Life Languages years ago and found that it is a wonderful tool of communication, not only corporately at Daystar Television Network, but within our own family. Fred and Anna Kendall are dear friends and their sincerity in developing and empowering people with character-based-communication surpasses the ordinary tactics currently used in the corporate world. I know Communication IQ will be life-changing and we highly recommend it!